Qazvin is one of the cities of Iran which is located in the central part of the country and it was formerly capital of Iran for some time. The city which is the capital of Qazvin province is located at 1278 meters above sea level. Northern part of Qazvin is surrounded by Alborz Mountains with […]

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Kermanshah is one of the major cities of Iran and capital of Kermanshah province which is considered as the ninth most populated city in Iran. Kermanshah is the largest Kurdish city and the most important one in the central region of western Iran. Kermanshah is regarded as one of the historical and cultural cities of […]

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Shush is one of the most splendid and beautiful ancient cities of Iran and is one of the most important civilization centers in the world. The city dates back to about 4000 BC and it has been the millennial capital of Elam kingdom and civilization. It was also considered as the winter capital of the […]

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Kashan, city of rose water! City of culture and civilization

Kashan, as a part of Isfahan province, is a historical city of Iran. This city is the provenance of one of the oldest civilizations of world. The urbanization of Kashan dates back to 7000 years ago. Some of the historians believe that it is the first city of Iran and whole world! It is also […]

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Hamedan, city of history and civilization!

Hamedan as one of the biggest cities of Iran is located in the west side of this country. It is the center of a province by the same name. The city has cold winters and pleasant weather in spring and summer. Regarding historical sites, Hamedan is considered as the fifth city of Iran. Hamedan is […]

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