Must see places in Iran

Badab Soort Badab Soort, located in Chahardangeh District in Sari County in Mazandaran province, is the second natural heritage of Iran followed by Mount Damavand. Badab Soort is a group of stepped terrace springs with different colored waters that flow out of the ground within a short distance from each other. It includes two springs with completely different waters in […]

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Kermanshah is one of the major cities of Iran and capital of Kermanshah province which is considered as the ninth most populated city in Iran. Kermanshah is the largest Kurdish city and the most important one in the central region of western Iran. Kermanshah is regarded as one of the historical and cultural cities of […]

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Kashan, city of rose water! City of culture and civilization

Kashan, as a part of Isfahan province, is a historical city of Iran. This city is the provenance of one of the oldest civilizations of world. The urbanization of Kashan dates back to 7000 years ago. Some of the historians believe that it is the first city of Iran and whole world! It is also […]

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Who is Sheikh Safiuddin Ardebili?

Sheikh Safi al-Din Abulfatah Isaac Ardebili was born in 1252 and died in 1334. He was the ancestor of Shah Ismail I, the founder of the Iranian Safavid dynasty, and one of the most influential eighth-century AH mystics. Sheikh Safi Al-Din chose Ardebil as the basis for the spread of Islam in the year AH […]

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Tabriz, is one of the biggest cities in Iran and center of East Azerbaijan Province. The city has been one of the most important cities of the country in many different aspects, including culture, industry, economics and politics. Although the national language of Iran is Farsi, but people in this province and also some neighboring […]

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