Tehran is the largest city of Iran and also the capital of this country. The city is also considered the biggest city in the west of Asia. There are many historical mosques, churches, buildings and even areas plus some modern landmarks that can be attractive for people who desire to visit the city. Additionally the […]

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Shiraz, The city of love

The city of love, poetry, roses and nightingales, these nicknames are associated with the city of Shiraz which hosted two of the greatest Iranian poets (Saadi and Hafez), both Sufi, in love, drunk, and literary geniuses. This modern, academic and touristic city is today capital of Fars province in south of Iran with more than […]

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Naqsh- e Roastam

One of the ancient Iranian traditional arts, before emergence of Islam in Iran, was stone carving and the rock faces. These works share historical information of Iranian civilization, culture and art and remind us the royal ceremonies, wars and religious traditions of ancient Persian civilizations. To make a low-relief, the choice of location is the […]

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Introducing Hāfezieh in Shiraz and related Symbols

Hāfezieh in Shiraz is a strange and unique place that whether as Iranian or foreign, you perceive it’s feeling and the mood. Hāfezieh in Shiraz is last resting-place of Lisan al-Ghaib, one of the greatest poets and gnostic of Iran, and each part represents one or more concepts. Hafez Tomb and Hāfezieh Hall are two monuments […]

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