There are only a few places in the world that a combination of the desert and the sea can be seen together in a frame. Namibian coasts, the intersection of the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea and some parts of the coasts of Chile are the areas in the world where this extraordinary phenomenon occurs. Darak is the only beach in Iran where a combination of the desert dunes and the sea waves can be seen. Darak Beach is one of the most amazing and strangest places in Iran and even in the world where the desert meets the sea. This exceptional paradox has created one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Iran. One of the unique features of Darak Beach which is six km is that no trash can be found on the beach; that’s why it is called the cleanest beach in the country.


darak beach


Darak or if we want to call it more completely, Darak Zarabad is a village located in Sistan and Baluchestan province, Konarak County, Zarabad district, Zarabad-e Sharqi Rural District and it is Konarak County’s Western neighbor and Chabahar Free Zone’s Eastern neighbor. Darak is 170 km away from Chabahar Free Zone and 120 km away from Konarak County with a population of 449 people, according to the census conducted in 2016. Darak literally means living near the valley. In the region which is considered a wonderful place for Iran tourism, the turquoise waters of the Sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean join and consequently an incredible and extraordinary view has been created in the desert located along Darak beach; A view that is stunning for every tourist.

Darak Beach differs from other beaches you know. The first reason is that you see sandy beach, rocky beach, pebble beach and coral beach in close proximity; a pure surprise you may never experience at least in Iran. The second reason is that you can enjoy silence, tranquility and wilderness in Darak, because it is still unknown to many tourism lovers. The third reason is the clear and starry sky of Darak. You can sit on the beach at night and look at the sky peacefully. Do not miss a single moment, because as you know, there are no stars in the sky of the city. In contrast to the city and its sky, in Darak you can see the stars not only in the sky above your head, but also beneath your feet in the sea. Of course, it may not be possible to watch such a strange surprise all the year round, but in case you are in Darak at the end of Esfand (the last month of Iranian year) or at the beginning of Farvardin (the first month of Iranian year), you will definitely see the marine plankton. The plankton glows at the surface of water at night, just like the stars in the sky.


darak beach


Everyone must be wondering how palm trees have emerged from the ground near the Sea of Oman on the beach located in Darak village where the desert covers a large area. This is one of the wonders of Darak village. Here, fresh water can be found a few meters from the sea and it has led to the growth of forests and diversity of tropical type of vegetation. Fresh and clear water is easily accessible by digging a two-meter well by which Darak residents grow and harvest watermelons, maize, palms and so on.

One of the other wonders of nature in Darak is the healing properties of the sands on the beach, dunes and white hills. Believe it or not, the brilliant golden sands may play a critical role in relieving muscle and bone pain. When you are standing among the sand hills with no conception of Sea of Oman, it seems like you are in one of the famous deserts of Iran. However, when you step onto the sand and climb up the sand hills, the image of combination of the desert and the sea create a beautiful and pure landscape that you can watch for hours. Only sand hills, palms and the sea can be seen when standing on top of the secondary slope of Darak beach.

Since the village was recently discovered as a tourism phenomenon by the visitors and it is also a small area, there is no hostel or hotel to stay in. But the place is so beautiful that you prefer to spend the night there. So, you may camp on the beach or use the gazebo built a little further from the beach. A number of local people also rent their own houses. The village is well known for the hospitality and generosity of its local people.

There are two paths you can go by to arrive in Darak; one is moving from Hormozgan province and city of Bandar Abbas to Darak and passing through Minab port and Jask port. Another is moving from Sistan and Baluchestan province to Chabahar and Konarak and taking the path to Zarabad village.