Yazd, as the center of a province by the same name, is one of the biggest cities in Iran. It is also the biggest desert city of this country. This city as the biggest adobe city of world is located in center of Iran and is one of the driest cities of Iran. But being dry has been a very influential factor in flourishing the city’s architecture. Because of the unique and precious architecture, Yazd was registered in the list of world heritage sites.

Here you will know some of the most attractive sites you may enjoy while visiting Yazd:

Yazd, A City in the Heart of Desert

  1. Yazd Water Museum

Yazd water museum is located in an old and historical house called Khaneye Kolahdoozha. In this museum you can see tools and documents regarding water. You will find out the way people used to use water.

Visiting the museum you will know thousand- year history of water in Iran. In fact, this museum is a must be seen part of Yazd, if you are curious to know that how this incredible city was able to survive in the heart of desert!

Yazd, A City in the Heart of Desert

  1. Jame mosque of Yazd

Jame mosque of Yazd is a masterpiece of architecture. You can find symbols of different eras in this mosque. The construction of it, started in Sassanian Empire and lasted for 100 years.

Jame mosque has two minarets with incredible tile work. These minarets are observable from outside of the town. You will also see many beautiful calligraphy and stunning patterns and designs on the ceiling of this mosque.

Yazd, A City in the Heart of Desert

  1. Yazd Khan Bazaar

Khan bazaar of Yazd is among historical sites of Iran and like bazaars of other cities of the country, this one is also a must be seen part of the city. This bazaar is the longest and largest bazaar of Yazd and in fact is a combination of many small bazaars and other historical buildings.

There is also an old bath in this complex which is worth of visit. Khan bath is built according to architecture style of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar era and was special for the prominent people of the time. Inside the bath you will find beautiful decorations and tile works.

Currently the bath is used as a restaurant, so after spending time in this different and beautiful bazaar and knowing some Iranian jobs, you may rest in this place and enjoy foods.

Yazd, A City in the Heart of Desert

  1. Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Amir Chakhmaq is one of the most prominent historical complexes in Yazd and includes bazaar, mosque, water storage and other old buildings which date back to Timurid dynasty. It is in fact a very large square.

A ruler of Timurid dynasty, called Amir Jalal aldin Chakhmaq, constructed the complex to glorify the city. During various era, many different parts were added to the complex. Additionally, the site has undergone some reconstructions in different periods.

Currently, this site attracts many tourists from Iran or world. You may explore the old small bazaar or other parts of the complex but most of local people prefer sitting around the pool and fountains and enjoy talking with friends.

Yazd, A City in the Heart of Desert


  1. Yazd Atashkadeh

Atashkadeh is the place of keeping fire of Zoroastrianism and the worship place of this religion followers who live in Yazd. It is about 1500 years that the central fire inside this fire temple (Atashkadeh) is burning.

Entering this holy place has some rules: men should wear a white hat and women should wear white scarf and bright color clothes. Also people should enter the place without shoes. There is a person in Atashkadeh who is taking care of the fire. You may see this fire through a glass wall.

Yazd, A City in the Heart of Desert

  1. Chak Chak

Chak Chak is one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Zoroastrians. This place which is also called “Peersabz” is located in Ardakan of Yazd province. It is said that the name “Chak Chak” is derived from the sound of water drops which drip from a rock.

There are also some basic facilities in this place such as electricity, drinking water and few rooms that you can rest in, while visiting the temple.

Yazd, A City in the Heart of Desert

  1. Dowlatabad Garden

Dowlatabad garden is among most beautiful Gardens of Iran. Dating back to the Afsharid dynasty, this garden includes many trees, fountains and pomegranates. There are also buildings inside the garden with beautiful architecture and stained-glass windows which you will rarely find in other parts of the world!

Basically, the garden was built as a summer residence by the order of Yazd ruler of the time, called Ali Sabbagh. There is a private building in the garden for the family of the ruler and another one for receiving guests.

The most important part of this garden is its wind catcher tower. This tower is the tallest adobe wind catcher tower of the world.