Travel Guide of Hormoz Island

Hormuz Island is one of the most beautiful and special islands which is surrounded by waters of the Persian Gulf and it is located in southern parts of Iran. Hormuz Island has an area of 42 km and it is located at a distance of 8 km from Bandar Abbas. The island has an oval-shaped […]

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Most Famous and Unique Souvenirs of Iran

Every city in Iran has its own version of souvenirs. The most famous souvenirs of Iran which foreign tourists purchase are the artistic handicrafts that have been made with love, passion and great effort of their creators. In case you take a walk in one of the Iranian historical markets, you will encounter hundreds of […]

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Darak Beach

There are only a few places in the world that a combination of the desert and the sea can be seen together in a frame. Namibian coasts, the intersection of the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea and some parts of the coasts of Chile are the areas in the world where this extraordinary phenomenon […]

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Traditional Clothes in Iran

Iran is a cradle of civilization for quite a lot of reasons. We are talking about a great country with a long history. But is there anyone who does not know this? I doubt. We are talking about Traditional Clothes. Costumes are a part of people’s culture, no matter where you go. When it comes […]

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Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Iran

The diversity of natural wonders of Iran from the mountains to the sea to the salt pan and forest is unique in its own way. Among the wonders, there is a natural phenomenon called waterfall. Many beautiful waterfalls can be seen in different parts of Iran. The attractiveness of the waterfalls in Iran and the green […]

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