Zoroastrian crypt of Yazd, Welcome to the realm of the dead.

Yazd’s Zoroastrian Crypt or Tower of Silence is probably one of the most scary tourist attractions in Yazd! But do not worry, there is nothing to fear, this place will be more interesting to you than scary. The Zoroastrian crypt of Yazd or Tower of Silence is the place where people lay their dead. Let’s […]

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Introducing Hāfezieh in Shiraz and related Symbols

Hāfezieh in Shiraz is a strange and unique place that whether as Iranian or foreign, you perceive it’s feeling and the mood. Hāfezieh in Shiraz is last resting-place of Lisan al-Ghaib, one of the greatest poets and gnostic of Iran, and each part represents one or more concepts. Hafez Tomb and Hāfezieh Hall are two monuments […]

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Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower (freedom) is unquestionably the most emblematic symbol of Tehran since its inauguration in 1971. The Tower is located in the middle of a huge square of the same name in west of Tehran. From an architectural point of view, it is a modern design incorporating elements from the history of Iranian architecture before […]

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Saad al-Saltanah caravanserai

Qazvin is one of the historical and developed cities of Iran.The roots of Qazvin belong to the Sassanid era which flourished on the orders of Shapur. Archeological findings in the Qazvin plain reveal the existence of urban agricultural settlements as far back as 7000 BC. Qazvin was the capital city of the Safavid Dynasty for […]

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Alamut Castle

Iran having cities with several thousand years of civilization has many historical sights. Alamut Castle is one of these historical sights and its name is associated with the Ismaili sect. according to some historians, the castle was used as a prison in the past, but researches show that Alamut was not just a prison but […]

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